year in review 2015


Goals: run 2000 miles. Run six days per week. Average 50 miles per week, 55 miles max. Race three half marathons. 20 mile long run. Core strength training 3 times per week. No injuries!


  • 2K mileage: I ran 2247 miles this year.
  • Volume: I usually ran five times a week.  I did six runs occasionally and once I ran eight days in a row. Weekly volume was consistently 50-55 miles. My maximum weekly total was 61.75 miles.
  • Three half marathons: I ran two HMs this year but three in a 12 month period dating back to the Palos Verdes Half Marathon, 11/15/14. My 2015 races were the Chesebro Half Marathon, 3/28/15, and the Tiburon Half Marathon, 10/4/15.
  • 20 mile long run: Strand Run on 12/20 was 20.25 miles.
  • Core strength: I started the year doing strength work three days per week and increased to seven after my injury and rehab.
  • Injuries: I lost eight weeks of training when I hurt my IT band after the Chesebro HM. I did not take enough time after the race before resuming my full training schedule. I made a quick recovery because I went to PT for running form analysis and rehab workouts to target my weak (glutes) muscle areas.

2015 was my best running year ever. 2016 will be even better:

  • 2500 miles
  • Marathon: Mountains to the Sea, 5/29/16
  • Half Marathon PR
  • 10K PR
  • 5K PR
  • No injuries!