run photos 2015

Some of my favorite running pictures from 2015:


Stormfront, Lake Arrowhead. April 2015. From ALA (Around Lake Arrowhead) Trail, a storm crested over the San Bernadino Mountains but stopped short of the lake.


Blufftop Trail, Palos Verdes. November, 2015. One of my favorite runs along the PV Penninsula. Catalina is in the distance.


Mount Hollywood Drive, Griffith Park. February, 2015. Usually the weather is clear and the views go all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Today was overcast keeping me cool on my run.


Beach Run, Hermosa Beach. December, 2015. On a cold, clear morning the beach was empty and the sand undisturbed.


Palo Comado Peak, Chesebro Canyon. March, 2015. While training for the Chesebro Half Marathon, I ran the course just after a rainstorm.


Pelican Cove, Palos Verdes. January, 2015. One of my long run turnaround points.


Vista del Valle Road, Griffith Park. February, 2015. The climb to the upper trails in Griffith Park is always worth the effort.


Beach Run, Hermosa Beach. December, 2015.




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