marathon: week 1


My first week of training is complete. Five runs and one elliptical workout totaling 45.25 miles. I’m following a plan that I purchased from and while early, the results are promising.


First impressions: forty-five miles seems light- my weekly total has been closer to 55- but part of my strategy was to use a plan and I’m going to stick to it. The biggest change was moving my long run from Sunday to Saturday and resting the day before instead of the day after. It feels so much better to do a recovery run on Sunday instead of Monday. The extra sleep and a day off help me get ready for the next week.

Key run: my long run on Saturday. Fifteen miles with the final seven at my goal pace of 7:45-8:00. I started in Hermosa Beach and ran up to Palos Verdes, around the golf course and back home. My route climbed 500 feet from RAT beach to the golf course before descending and leveling out for the final five miles.


Holding a 7:45-8:00 pace felt good. And matching my goal pace after tackling the hills did not seem too hard. Later that day my legs were pretty sore but overall it was a successful run.


On Thursday I ran eight miles along the Mineral Wells trail in Griffith Park. Despite an elevation gain of over 600 feet I was able to stay relaxed and maintain an 8:25  pace.


I started my run just after sunrise and the weather was clear with temperatures in the 50s- perfect running conditions for me.


Mountains 2 Beach is a road race but I want to keep running trails whenever I can. The dirt surface is a nice change from asphalt and keeps my legs fresh.


Overall I’m feeling good after week one. I’m not yet sure if I can maintain a sub 8:00 pace for 26 miles but my early workouts convinced me to train for it. Next week has the same mileage and similar workouts so I can make a good comparison. Onward.


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