marathon: week 2


My second week of training started badly. I needed to skip Tuesday’s workout and a rainstorm forced me onto a seven mile treadmill run- ugh. By rearranging my schedule I was able to stick to my mileage and ended up missing only my elliptical day.


On all of my runs I am holding paces that are 20-30 seconds faster than called for in my plan. I can’t tell if the speed equals progress or over training. I will continue to run by feel and listen carefully to my body.

Run of the week: PV trails long run. The first half of the week left me feeling out of sync and it was nice to put things back together on Saturday.


It was a perfect day for a long run- cool, sunny, and clear. PV trails are some of my favorite and my run took me along PV drive, up Del Sol fire road, and along the bluffs to Pelican Cove and Terranea.


My pace averaged 8:15 over 15.25 miles and 1,117 feet elevation gain. My marathon goal is to hold an 8:00 pace on a downhill course at M2B. So two weeks in feels promising.



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