del sol fire road

It is easy to miss Del Sol fire road. I ran past it many times before discovering the entrance along Via Campesina in Palos Verdes.


While Del Sol only lasts about two miles, it is a worthy addition to any run and I try to include it whenever I am training nearby.


From the start there is a 300 foot climb; 500 feet if you count getting to the trail head. It’s hard work but worth the effort.


On the way up the surface is paved and surrounded by heavy brush. When I run in the early morning it is mostly deserted. I’ve passed a few hikers, runners, and dog walkers but I usually have the road to myself.


As I climb, the trees thin to reveal a long view of the Los Angeles Basin. On the clearest days I can see as far as Malibu and the Channel Islands.


Del Sol then empties onto city roads with more climbing until it reaches the Douglas Trail head. This is where the fun begins.


Douglas Trail is mostly downhill, much steeper than Del Sol, and single track all the way. Tree roots and loose soil are constant reminders to watch my step.


The north side drops steeply to the ocean and the trail tends to slant sideways. It feels like running through a landslide caught in slow motion. My most recent run was shortly after a rainstorm and the dirt turned to black sticky clay. I was wearing my Newton trail running shoes but the soles caked with mud and made my footing rather loose.


Before the final descent, the trail levels briefly above Bluff Cove. It’s a perfect place to take a break and look out over the Palos Verdes bluffs.


Del Sol fire road is one of my favorite trail runs and a regular part of my training. It’s rough on the way up but the views and technical conditions make it a new adventure every time I run it.



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