marathon week 3


Week three: solid. I stuck to my plan, completed all of my strength work and started to increase my mileage.


Key run: my tempo on Tuesday. One month after the Griffith Park Half, I resumed my first speed workout since training for the race. I started smoothly, built up my pace, then held on at 7:00 over four miles. My cool down was steady.


I was a little tired heading into Saturday’s 17 miler but ended up recording one of my best long runs ever.

long run week 03

After warming up I planned to run most of the way at 8:30-40 but noticed my pace was closer to 8:00. I decided to stay there.The morning was cool and overcast and my effort stayed loose and easy.

long run splits week03

Fourteen miles later I was done. I’m not sure if I’ve ever held such a consistent pace for so long. My marathon goal pace is 7:55 and Saturday’s run was a big confidence builder. I was out of gas at mile 17. Adding another nine miles seems daunting but that’s where the next 14 weeks of training will help.

My runs in the South Bay included some or all of the Hermosa Beach green belt. It’s only a few blocks from my house and a great starting or finishing segment.




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