orinda, ca

Whenever I travel I try to fit in some running. New scenery refreshes and invigorates me, so when my in laws told me about Lafayette Reservoir near their home in Orinda I had to check it out.


Orinda is about 15 miles east of San Francisco. I visited during Christmas and the winter morning was cool, frosty and clear. I followed a bike path and city roads for three miles before reaching the reservoir. Since it was a weekend during the holidays there were a lot of hikers and families on the shoreline path. I chose a route along the ridge of the hills surrounding the lake and found the trails mostly empty.


The steep rolling hills explained the lack of fellow travelers. After a steady climb of 700 feet the ridge trail leveled briefly before a series of steep ups and downs. I was no longer cold and my breath came out in clouds while my sweat was steaming as it evaporated.


I was running in a classic California landscape. Old oak trees and rolling hills that would turn golden when spring arrived.


Once I circled Lafayette Reservoir I had another six miles left on my run. With the tough part out of the way I was able to run smoothly and stay loose as I headed home. I don’t know when I’ll get to run Orinda again but I’ll be ready when the chance comes.


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