marathon week 5


Week five ramped up in miles and intensity. I ran 58.5 miles which is near my previous upper limit. I began nutrition experiments on my long run and continued my strength training after each workout.


I needed to bump my long run to Sunday because Ryan had a track meet on Saturday. He effortlessly puts my form work to shame.


During my tempo run I kept my pace at 6:45 for four miles, my best time ever but a mixed blessing. I felt sore and a little out of it for the rest of the week. I kept up my strength exercises and hit the foam roller extra hard and rallied for a solid long run on Sunday.


I started in Hermosa beach, ran south to Palos Verdes and looped around Lunada Bay before heading home. I usually eat a banana before I run but this time I added a slice of toast with peanut butter. I could definitely feel the difference and my energy level stayed consistent for all 19.25 miles.


I’m going to repeat this run next week wearing a different pair of shoes. All in all, week five was a success. I continued to build my fitness and stayed consistent. With 11 weeks to go I’m feeling confident about finishing 26 miles. Still in question is my race pace and running strategy which should become clearer soon.



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