marathon week 7: spring break


Week seven gave me a much needed step back week. My training plan called for lower mileage plus extra rest days. I was not looking forward to the break after some of my best training runs the previous week, but the extra rest came at the right time.


Meanwhile, spring arrived in LA. For a few weeks the hills and trails are green and full of life. It wont be long until the temperature starts rising and everything turns brown.


My runs in Griffith Park started out dark and cold but once the sun was up it felt great out on the trails.


Spring time is also when the mornings are clear. It won’t be long before “June Gloom” arrives and mornings are overcast- ideal running weather for Southern California.


Even with a lighter training load my long run was a challenge. I ran 17 miles and tried to keep my goal marathon pace during miles 10-16.


If I can average 7:45-8:00 at Mountains to Beach I will qualify for Boston. I thought I was running just that but ended up going faster. I will need to get better at recognizing my pace because I was gassed at mile 17, not a good place to be with nine miles to go.

Next week goes back to my full training load. As much as I enjoyed my step back week I’m ready for the second half of marathon training.


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