marathon week 11: good and bad


I skipped two runs this week. Eleven weeks into my training and for the first time I was not able to follow my training plan.


Maybe it was the previous week’s mileage capped by a 21 mile long run or maybe I ran my recent workouts too fast. Whatever it was, I could not get myself out of bed and missed my tempo run and a recovery run. In the past I would overcompensate and try to make up the miles. The extra strain sidelined me with IT band injuries twice.

This time I decided to use the days off to rest and resume training when I felt better. I know I made the right choice because I ran strong on Friday and finished the week with a 20 mile long run.


I’m using my long runs to rehearse for the marathon. This week I ate breakfast two hours before running, drank water at two mile intervals and took gels every six miles. Running along the coast simulates the second half of the race and the sea breeze cooled me through the final miles. Today’s run was a good test. I wanted to quit at 15 and 17 miles but pushed through and practiced training with discomfort. I need to find an extra six miles of energy and I hope finishing my plan plus my taper gets me there.


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