peak week 14


My final week of training before a two week taper. I made it! But why do I feel so beat up? Did I over train and run my race already? Will I be fresh on race day?


My final long run started in Hermosa Beach and took me north to Marina del Rey, passing through Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, LAX, and Playa del Rey.


After 14 miles I ran five more at my goal pace of 7:45. When I finished I had run 20+ miles and felt awful. I hurt everywhere and felt out of it all day. Was I prepared  for the marathon?


I looked back to where my running was before 2016 and how far I’d come since. Maybe a before and after comparison would help me understand if I was ready to run- to race- the marathon.

What I realized:

  • I can run 10 miles any time I want to.
  • During a recent tempo run I beat my 10K pr.
  • I run six days a week.
  • I completed a 20-mile run once in my life before starting my marathon training; I ran four 20-milers over the last five weeks.

And the big one:

  • I’m tired, sore, and sometimes disoriented. But I am not injured!

Before starting to train for M2B I considered all of the above unattainable. I may not feel it now, but I made a huge leap in my running performance, fitness and endurance. Physically, my training is complete. I’m heading into new territory mentally but I can feel confident and count on my body.

Taper time!



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