midyear report


A month since running my first marathon and my training is back to normal. I still have not figured out my running goals for the second half of the year but I got back to six days running with two workouts and a long run.


2015 was my breakthrough year for running. I finally started to figure out the path to better training and racing without being injured. I ran more miles with more consistency than ever before and broke the 2000m barrier.

My first run2run post laid out my 2016 goals:

  • 2500 miles
  • Marathon: Mountains 2 Beach, 5/29/16
  • Half Marathon PR
  • 10K PR
  • 5K PR
  • No injuries!

We’re half way through 2016, a great time to check in on those goals.

2500 miles: I’m just shy of 1200m this year and on track to hit 2500. If I decide to run a marathon in the fall I may come up short because of the taper and recovery weeks but that does not bother me at all. I’ll take the two marathons.

Marathon: Got this one off my back when I completed the Mountains 2 Beach marathon in May. Preparation for this race was my entire focus this year and it was worth it. I came through exhausted and ready for more.

Half Marathon PR: In January I ran the Griffith Park Half Marathon and knocked three minutes off my previous best. This race was my confidence builder for the marathon and one of my best runs ever. The day after I finished, I signed up for M2B.

10K and 5K PR: Since I was training for the marathon this year I did not run any shorter races. I plan to run both distances this summer. I’m confident I can PR the 10K since some of my tempo run paces were 10-15 seconds below my best 10K race pace. The 5K might be more challenging since I’m not doing any race specific training, especially if I sign up for another marathon.

No Injuries: race results seem like a bigger deal but his is my most important accomplishment in 2016. I include a dynamic warm up before and a strength routine after every one of my runs. The results are fantastic- longer and faster running with shorter recovery periods. Sometimes the exercises are a grind and that’s when I remind myself what it felt like to be unable to run because of injury.


I’m heading into the second half of 2016 feeling motivated. Up next is my first 5K of the year, consistent training, and if things go according to plan, a chance to cross off the rest of my running goals.



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